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Dog House Resort – A Bed & Breakfast for People and their Dogs


The Dog House Resort made its debut way back in 2002. The business all started when couples Mr. and Mrs. Robinsons who also happen to be pet enthusiasts decided to put up a dog daycare. With the natural scenery offered by the place and the different tourist attractions, the couple expanded their business and they established the resort. During its first year, there are only a few rooms. But as many guests come to visit, more guestrooms are added and the resort amenities are upgraded.

What distinguishes us from other nearby resorts is that we are dedicated to provide excellent customer service not just for our guests but as well as their pets. From our well-designed guestrooms with complete amenities to features that cater to the needs of your dog, no other resort can offer such facility. We always take the extra step, we are taking care of your pets and showering them with the best high pressure shower heads that are suitable and even entertaining for animals.

Offered at reasonable rates, you get to have the best vacation experience without hurting your pocket and comprising the kind of quality service that you deserve. Pamper yourself and enjoy your vacation at Dog House Resort. We want our guests to get the most out of their stay and enjoy their vacation withou having to spend a lot.

Let our trained and professional staff take care of your needs.